Legal translations

A legal translation is a translation made by a legal translator . On the translated document he adds the text “Voor eensluitende vertaling van het Nederlands (Language From) naar het Italiaans (Language To)”. Followed by his name and signature.

Most, but not all, of the legal translators have undergone specialist accredited training followed by an exam. Once this certificate of legal translator/interpreter has been acquired the translator's name and application is given to the public prosecutor for screening. Next the translator/interpreter is summoned to make an oath before the court of first instance. Finally he is included in the register of legal translators and interpreters.

We send you the contact information of 5 legal translators . We only need to know which languages you need and in which judicial district the translator needs to be registered. Fill in the information request form on our Home page.

We have currently added the legal translators for Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, German, English , Farsi, French, Greek, Hongarian, Hindi, Italian , Japanese, Kurmanji, Latvian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Moldovan, Montenegrin, Polish, Persian, Slovenian, Sorani, Russian, Romani (Romany – Gypsy - Gipsy) and Spanish .

Normal translations

For a normal translation go to .